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Artistic & Public Outreach

Hybrid Series Eight Einsteins currently on exhibition at The MIT Museum in the new Mark Epstein Innovation Gallery.
Hybrid Marylin Einstein at the Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception,San Francisco, California.
Hybrid Images to be exhibited in the MIT Museum of Science.
Marilyn Einstein. Hybrid image exhibited at the Demo Night, G.WIZ Science MuseumSarasota, (May 14).
Presentation of Hybrid Images. Institute of Contemporary Art,Boston.
Exhibition of hybrid faces Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile, The Museum of Science, Glasgow, UK.
Exhibition of hybrid facesDr. Angry and Mr. Smile,Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception,San Francisco, California.
Exhibition of hybrid facesDr. Angry and Mr. Smile,Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany (May 8- August 11).
The Thatcher-Blair IllusionHybrid Face Portrait exhibit at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.
Art books, Magazines & Popular Press with references to Hybrid Images
Article on Hybrid Images published in the Italian Magazine Mente & Cervello,(n.34 October 2007).
Gallery photo of the Hybrid series Eight Einsteinspublished in the Boston Globe(September 29, 2007).
Hybrid Marilyn-Einstein published in the French magazine"Ca m' interesse",Special edition- (July, August).
Article on Hybrid Images, featuringMarilyn Einsteinhybrid, Daily Star(July).
Article on Hybrid Images. The Camberra Times(June 15).
Article on Hybrid Images, featuring theBush-Blairhybrid. The Independent,(May 2nd).
Article on Hybrid Images, Le Scienze (Italian magazine of Scientific American),(June).
Article on Hybrid Images, Quo (spanish magazine)(June).
Article on Hybrid Images.New Scientist. (March 31 - April 6).
Article on Hybrid Images, featuring Marilyn Einsteinhybrid, Scottish Daily Record(July).
Scientific American: Mind,(June/ July). In "Cracking the Da Vince Code".
Ca m' interesse(French), February.
The Other Face: Metamorphosis of the Photographic Portrait.C. Kemp and S. Witsgall (Eds.), Prestel.
In the Eye of the Beholder: the Science of Face Perception.(Eds.) V. Bruce and A. Young. Oxford University Press.