Visual Intelligence: Predicting where people look

When you look at a scene, you have the illusion that you see lots of detailed information - but in fact you are blind to large changes - Try watching this short clip, what do you see?

Did you notice any changing elements in the scene? (If not, take another look)

In fact, nearly 50% of the scene changes in front of your eyes, yet the vast majority of people do not notice any of it! This phenomenon, also referred to as change or inattentional blindness, has long fascinated cognitive psychologists (Grimes, 1996; Neisser & Berklen, 1975; Rensink, O'Reagan, Clark, 1997; Simons & Levin, 1998).

What did other people notice? Watch where their eyes looked!
Click on these images to watch each observer's sequence of eye movements


Beyond illustrating a striking“change blindness” in our visual perception, with further exploration this phenomenon may be used in INTERFACE DESIGN- for example to “disguise” changes in front of the user’s eyes (e.g. menus or toolbars that become more/less visible based on interaction), by making changes progressively and keeping the global characteristics of the display intact.