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Margaret Thatcher & Tony Blair

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A hybrid face presenting Margaret Thatcher (in low spatial frequency) and Tony Blair (in high spatial frequency) has been displayed in 1998 in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh ("The Science of the Face" orgainized by V. Bruce and A. Young). if you squint, blink or defocus while looking at the pictures, Margaret Thatcher should substitute for Tony Blair ( if this demonstration does not work, step back from the pictures until your percepts change). The inversion effect is more striking on the right than on the left version of the Thatcher-Blair illusion, where the face of Margaret Thatcher blends in the background. The image on the right is published in the book "In The Eye of the Beholder: the Science of Face Perception", Vicki Bruce and Andy Young (Eds.), Oxford, 1998 (p. 64).